Complete Your Angling Collection in Let's Fish

With intricate mechanics to back it up, Let's Fish is all about giving a realistic fishing experience. But is the game enjoyable enough to be able to draw in the most discerning virtual angler, hook, line and sinker? Yes and no. It really depends on what you're looking for in a fishing game. If you are after collectibles, this game has those in spades. Aside from the staggering number of available water creatures, the variety of fishing gear is equally impressive. Choose a trusty rod, complement it with a good line and hook and then equip some mouthwatering bait (for the fish, of course).

On the other hand, the system isn't exactly what we'd call innovative. Casting a line and pulling it in is done by pressing on the on-screen buttons. A bar appears once something takes the bait and you are then required to reel it in carefully. By carefully, we mean watching the scale and keeping the indicator roughly in the middle. Having a déjà vu? We are, because it's basically the same system used in fishing mini games. It works, but honestly, we were expecting something new. Anyway, once you manage to catch some fish, you have the option of turning it into a trophy to keep a record of its stats.

Being an online game, tournaments are an integral part of Let's Fish. Catch the biggest fish and you get a shot at winning the Weekly Best Angler ranking to earn prizes such as cups, experience, bait and much more. There are no skill requirements to enter a match. You qualify for a tournament depending on the best rod stored in your Backpack. After entering a tournament bracket, you will then be asked to catch a particular fish type in the contest proper. Once you gain enough experience points to reach level 5, you may even utilize the integrated chat system to post your latest achievements.

Visiting the in-game shop is not the only way to get valuable items. Logging in every day is also rewarded with daily gifts. As a bonus, you get valuable banknotes every 7th day. These premium goodies may either be used on the prize machine to instantly win items or the lottery wherein you are given discounts to purchase better equipment.

If you do not wish to wait a whole week, or find that your current banknotes are insufficient, you may go the micro transaction route. Aside from Paypal, a number of other payment methods are accepted. Special discounts are offered in the shop as well, although we found that there are still glitches when it comes to rounding off numerical values. While we're all for supporting game creators, you had better keep a close eye on your online accounts when allowing a child to play Let's Fish Game, lest you risk unwanted purchases.

Do you like achievements? Ten Square Games - Let's Fish has plenty of them, entailing you to catch a certain number of fish in every map or even get your own set of fishing pals. It's really one of those games wherein you never run out of things to do. Like we said, this game's fun factor really depends on what you're looking for. If you don't mind a familiar system without added frills and are into expanding your virtual fish collection, then don't hesitate to sign up and cast a line.