Fishing Holidays - Where to Go?

 Top Destinations to Go Fishing Worldwide

Fishing is a very popular pastime that can be as relaxing or exciting as anglers wish to make it. Whether it is sitting on a river bank somewhere locally or travelling the world in order to catch the "big one" fishing is gaining in popularity all the time. Here we take a look at some of the best places to go in the world to experience fishing at its best.

Sutherland Scotland


Scotland is famous for trout fishing with the Sutherland area being an excellent place to try your hand at catching this beauty! The lochs in this area are magnificent, while the scenery in the rugged mountains of Sutherland are breathtaking. Anglers are required to obtain fishing permits in order to fish for trout, while visitors who stay at hotels or fishing centres in this area will be advised on costs plus how to get fishing permits.

Fishing on the River Naver in Sutherland enables anglers to catch some of the best salmon in the country. Booking a stay in one of the many lodges is a great way to enjoy your fishing holiday with The Syre Estate a fine example of this type of holiday accomodation, offering a choice of two lodges in which to stay.

Brown trout fishing is also available as there are many hill lochs situated on the Syre Estate, while fly fishing is the only type of fishing allowed. Stay for a week and you will be able to fish in over eighty pools which is phenomenal! The lodges accomodate eight or ten visitors respectively both offering excellent accomodation. This beautiful district is a conservation area too ensuring the natural beauty and views in the place will never be spoiled.

Phuket Thailand


Phuket in Thailand is not traditionally the first place that springs to mind when we think of a fishing trip but it is actually a really exciting destination to visit, as mackerel, sea bass and baracuda are just some of the fish waiting for your attention in the beautiful oceans of this area. All the fishing done in this region is on a catch and release basis therefore whether its tuna, sword fish or giant marlin that are caught we have the guarantee that they will return to their native waters.

Fishing in Phuket is seasonal with many of the fish appearing at certain times of year. For example July to October which is the Monsoon season is the best time for Marlins and Queenfish, while travellers can book day charters or long range trips when visiting Phuket.

Many companies provide both accomodation and fishing trips all in for travellers, while some will collect you from your hotel to take you on the fishing trip of a lifetime!. One such company is Surasak Fishing Tour that offers the chance to catch many of the big named fish plus provide everything you need for the day such as fishing tackle and equipment, food, drinks and even offer night time fishing trips too. All their boats are suitable for fishing purposes, while booking a tour is easily done through their website.

Sicily Italy


Fishing enthusiaists will find nowhere better in Europe than Sicily for fishing. We are all familiar with the phrase from The Godfather movie "sleeps with the fishes" well in this regard, far from sleeping with the fishes, in Sicily, travellers will be catching the fishes big style!

Spearfishing, which we grant you isn't for everyone, is very popular in Sicily and involves actually getting into the water to do so therefore if you don't like to get wet this isn't the type of fishing for you. The seven small islands that surround Sicily are very popular for spearfishing. The Eoiles are situated in the province of Messina, while further north is the unspoiled island of Ustica that also has a marine reserve or the Agadi Islands with their unspoiled waters.

Spearfishing for large fish such as tuna is very exciting and involves deep sea diving so is not for the uninitiated. Of course other types of more traditional fishing are also done off the coast of Sicily, while fishing charters are available to book with many options available so that you can tailor your trip to your specific needs. Fishing in the waters off Sicily will certainly satiate your appetite for that fishing trip you have always wanted to embark on.

Capetown South Africa


Many fishing enthusiaists travel to South Africa in order to fish in the deep blue oceans off Capetown. Awesome fish such as yellow fin tuna, long fin or Cape salmon and kob are there for the taking, while the whole fishing experience is one of adventure that will create fishing memories travellers will never forget.

Many charter companies offer great deals that include reef fishing along with deep sea big game, while all the boats are crewed by qualified skippers and fishermen that certainly know what they are doing, making your trip safe as well as enjoyable. Hooked on Africa Fishing Charters offer private or corporate trips that can be half day or full day experiences, to engage in offshore fly fishing or more traditional fishing depending on what will satisfy the customer.

Capetown offers fishing all year round that changes with the seasons including spear fishing which is becoming increasingly popular. Adventure Bookings also offer great fishing trips for all levels of fishermen/women be it deep sea fishing or fly fishing. The trip of a lifetime is ahead when anglers travel to South Africa in pursuit of adventure.

Newfoundland and Labrador


Fishing in this area is popular with anglers in the United States and Canada but if you are planning an overseas trip of a lifetime where you would like to incorporate fishing then this is a superb destination for both. Many of the salmon rivers in Labrador can only be accessed by air or sea making them a great place for fishing as they are rather remote. Travellers with a sense of adventure may wish to venture here for seclusion and quiet.

Central Newfoundland is famous for its landlocked salmon with fish stocks being very high due to the popuarity of other types of fish. The Grand Lake and the Red Indian Lake are especially good for fishing, while brown trout can be found on the Avalon Penninsula. Travellers who stay in the capital can access rivers full of brown trout, within an hours drive, in many of the rivers and ponds.

Brook trout and rainbow trout are amongst other species that are caught in Newfoundland and Labrador. Some areas require visitors to be accompanied by a licensed guide or a relative therefore plan ahead to make sure that you can fish in specified areas. Information regarding fishing regulations can be found at the tourism website. Naturally travellers who book a recognised fishing holiday should have no problem as day trips or week long adventures are available throughout the area, while fishing guides or charters are also available for the fishing enthusiasts who are after a true fishing adventure.



Anglers who want to fresh water fish or deep sea fish have the opportunity to do both when visiting Norway. Generally when we think of holidaying in Norway we think of snow, while winter fishing in Norway is very popular. Many winter breaks are available for fishing enthusiasts plus with the winter in Norway lasting from November through to April the window of opportunity is pretty vast.

January is a special month for cod with the seas here teeming with them plus many other types of salt water fish meaning anglers will definitely find a good catch. Those who prefer to fish on the lakes of Norway will not be disappointed either as trout, perch pike and others are in abundance too.

Fishing in the summer months is also good with deep sea fishing proving very popular, while fishing for salmon in the many Norwegian rivers is superb. The salmon season lasts from June to September with plenty of huge salmon just waiting to be hooked. Norway enforces a catch and release system once their daily and seasonal limits have been reached but a quick snap of the camera will prove to friends the size of your catch. It has been known for salmon weighing in excess of 50lbs to be caught in these waters.